Moroccan Fez Hat

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Authentic Fez Hat High quality Handmade Moroccan Fez Hat Tarboosh Ottoman Hat



The Fez Hat

According to Many fashion experts the fez, which dates back to 17th century Morocco and made famous by the Ottomans and Tommy Cooper, has been appearing with increasing regularity on catwalks across the world and is now ready to burst onto the high street.

No longer is the fez simply associated with wrinkly Turkish coffee shop owners or dubious Moroccan carpet sellers.

It’s really the buzzword right now, everyone in the industry is starting to take notice of this fashion forward hat and incorporate it into their designs.

Big brands such asGucci, Prada and Pierre Cardin already feature fezzes heavily in their latest Spring/Summer collections, each having given the classic style their own unique twist. Roberto Cavalli is believed to be preparing to unveil an animal print fez adorned in Swarovski crystals while one featuring Missoni’s classic geometric coloured stripes is due out very soon.

The Fez hat will be available in stores like Top Shop, Zara and H&M.

You’re going to soon seeing fezzes being worn on the street, in the business meeting, on the beach, all over the place really.

It’s really such a versatile piece, a worthy addition to any wardrobe that can be paired with a wide array of outfits for any occasion.


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